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5 reasons employers should work with a recruiter to hire their next rock star!

5 reasons employers should work with a recruiter to hire their next rock star!

  1. Efficient. Recruiters can help you hire people quickly. I once had a company that had searched for 7 months for a certain role and I was able to find them the person that they eventually hired in 2 days!

  2. Options. Recruiters subscribe to a lot of AI and web tools that enable them to search a vast pool of candidates. Some will often talk about their vast network or tools. It's all out there, but recruiters live and breathe reaching people and great at making connections.

  3. Cost of vacancy. One organization we work with explicitly told us that every worker in their organization even down to the common forklift driver ads $1 Million in revenue to the company annually. Take that times 5 to 10 roles you might need filled right away and it adds up fast.

  4. Stop the bleeding. Filling jobs is not just a job for me it's a calling to help companies turn around and thrive!

  5. Specialization. From focusing on a certain niche or by being efficient with systems and processes a good recruiters can help your fill your specialized roles. One main way we do that is through actual head hunting – reaching out to people who are currently employed. These people may even work at your competitors.

In summary a good recruiter can help your company by being a partner in your talent acquisition.

Michael Benjamin has been in the recruiting arena for 7 years successfully helping clients and candidates win together! Contact us for more info on how we can help your organization efficiently hire your next rock star!

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