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  • Michael Benjamin

Job search tips for candidates and employers

Happy New Year! It’s 2021. Game time. Time to get work in gear and make stuff happen. You need a new job or your organization needs to hire people. Here are some tips for both employers and job seekers:

Tips for Job Seekers:

1. Be reachable. Answer your phone and return calls from employers and recruiters. Try to keep phone tag to a minimum. If you are actively looking for a new job - being proactive, reachable, and following up with employers is huge and will provide you with options.

2. Send thank you notes to those you interview with. Hardly anyone does this anymore. This will make you stand out and show the employer that you are serious. Even if it is just an email it shows that you are serious and intentional.

3. Don’t over estimate or demand a higher rate of pay than what the job might actually pay. You can research salaries on and Saying you are open to the market rate will get you to the offer table rather than you being passed over for having extreme financial requirements.

Tips for Employers:

1. Have a refined process for hiring that is repeatable and efficient

2. Once you extend an offer to a candidate have an expiration date on the offer and

3. Try to shorten up the time from acceptance of offers to actual start dates. The longer the time between when they accept and when they start – the higher the risk of them going elsewhere increases

Final tip for Both:

Fight the ghost!

Ghosting – a common term in the recruiting and hiring world can be done by both companies and candidates. Companies may take too long to decide on a candidate and might be off on their timing for when they really want to hire. As a job seeker it can seem like an eternity when an employer takes an incredibly long time to get back to you.

Candidates can be professionals at ghosting. If you are no longer interested in the job just let it be known - don’t just vanish. The worst ghosting is when a candidate accepts a job, has a start date, and then doesn’t show up to actually start. Communication is the key for both candidates and employers to be successful.

If you are in need of assistance in the hiring arena we would be happy to be a resource for you and an extension of your talent acquisition! Focused on results we effectively source, screen, and vet quality talent that we guarantee. Let’s talk!


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